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Gerry Kelly 21st October 2019

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Sometimes even the most seasoned company owners and brand managers struggle to see the wood for the trees.

Busy people don't have a lot of free time to hold regular brand strategy meetings, and when they do, the biggest challenge is implementing what was agreed.

If plans for implementation are not made, then there's a danger of your strategy meeting becoming no more than an interesting discussion with no long-term value being delivered.

Our free Brand Building Matrix can help with this problem. It's a simple planning resource that we have developed for busy company owners and brand managers.

Go to the link below, print it off and start using it straight away.

It can be used at your next brand strategy meeting and become the blueprint for actions that are agreed.

Once you arrive at an agreed set of ticked boxes, print it out as large as possible and pin it to a wall so that it is always visible and front of mind.

The Brand-Building Matrix won't create your strategy and deliver content, but it will provide clarity and structure in relation to your brand and assets.

It will also help you outline what's in place, what's working, and most importantly, actions that need to be taken.

Good luck and happy brand-building!

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